Archery Committee

At Guilford Sportsmen's Association, archery is made possible thanks to dedicated members who are both competitive archers and hunters. The bowhunters participate in competitions and realistic practice to stay sharp year around. Stations are set up to present a realistic hunting scenario. The Archery Committee works hard at developing new sets and changing existing ones to keep the course interesting. GSA is a CAA member club. You can visit the CAA website by clicking here.

The 3D course offers a variety of targets for open to the public shoots. There is a field target course for members and guests. Leagues are run throughout the year. Thanks to the full support of the club. The field targets are set in the forest. GSA has owns 325 acres of land that is nestled within the Cockaponssett State Forest. It is an easy walk around the course which elps to make the shoot and the hike very enjoyable. Some of the shooting lanes are "walk backs" to the main path while "walk-throughs" help to shorten the course by sending shooters directly to the next target.

GSA Archery runs multiple 3D shoots each year. These shoots are open to the public. These are competitive shoots, however it is not necessary to compete and shooters can shoot just for fun or practice if they like. It's very family-friendly, inexpensive, and fun for all abilities of archers.

Members interested in archery are welcome to join the committee. We would be happy to show you around, answer questions and put a modern bow in your hand. (Friendly warning: it's addictive! It's also quiet, clean, relaxing, and environmentally friendly; and hiking through the woods is great exercise for everyone.

Practice archery targets are placed at varying distances from 10 to 50 yards on the practice range. Broadheads can be shot at Styrofoam targets that are set in the target houses. Please be careful when removing the broadheads and avoid damaging the targets.


Please consider joining the GSA Archery Committee and volunteering some of your time to help make our course the best that it can be. At the same time you are earning your club work hours. We hope to see you soon!

CT Archery Association 2021 Shoot Schedule - PDF

Upcoming Archery Events

Please join us for one of the following events sponsored by the Archery committee.

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